Do you own a small to medium enterprise and need to become GDPR compliant? If you are not sure that you fall into the net requiring compliance, please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss. If you do need to become GDPR compliant and don't have the resources to hire a full-time officer, I am here to help you. With close to 20 years' IT, business and law experience, I will get you compliant as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

I will discover your data with you, including that held by third-party suppliers. Together, we will create a data management plan for your business with action steps for necessary change to ensure compliance. Further, we will do a risk analysis that focuses on data security breaches and create a reporting plan for you to follow should you suffer a security breach. I work on a contract or retainer basis. I prefer to consult at your place of work but I can meet with you at the Republic of Work in Cork.